Brittany Ferries has introduced a new ship on its PlymouthRoscoff route – the mv Armorique (see photo):-MV Armorique

The state-of-the-art €120 million cruise ferry Armorique has been designed specifically for use between Plymouth and the Breton port of Roscoff. Entered service in February 2009, it incorporates the very latest technology and will be particularly fuel efficient as well as environmentally-friendly by keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Roscoff (29 Finistere, Brittany) is a delightful point of entry into France. albeit the most westerly. Ideal for Brittany and with good road access in the UK. The new ferry , built in Helsinki, can carry 1500 passengers and 470 cars and even offers wi-fi internet access on board! as well as a range of accommodation and dining options.

Armorique is the ancient name for coastal north-western France (or Gaul) meaning “the country which faces the sea” as well as the name of a national park in Brittany-le Parc Naturel Régional d’Armorique.

Brittany Ferries are also introducing a new route from Portsmouth to Santander on Spain’s northern coast – very convenient for access to the Pyrenees and south west France. This route is in addition to the existing route to Santander from Plymouth and avoids the long drive down from the South and South East of England.

Certainly the ferry to northern Spain is the most civilised way of getting to South West France (even if the Bay of Biscay can be a little frisky at times) – but it still seems perverse that the port city of Bordeaux cannot or will not offer a car ferry option – admittedly Santander already has car ferry facilities. Bordeaux would seem to potentially offer both a shorter crossing than Spain with direct access to some of the most popular areas of France.

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