You can book rail tickets from the UK or France to any station in France (and beyond) with Rail Europe

including Eurostar, TGV (high speed trains) and the local network TER services.

France has an expansive rail network, with high-speed trains operating along main lines and regional trains reaching to remote corners. You can buy French train tickets on Rail Europe via their connection to the French rail operator SNCF.

From now on, when you take the TGV, you’ll have to say TGV INOUI instead! TGV INOUI is SNCF Voyageurs’ premium service, offering a higher level of comfort, more services, and a choice between relaxation or concentration. Unlike TGV OUIGO, all TGV INOUI trains offer a free onboard connection, electrical outlets, and a free Wi-Fi connection for work or play, as well as reclining ergonomic seats and more space, especially in 1st class. A restaurant car is also available, offering food on board. In addition,TGV INOUI tickets can be cancelled or exchanged, subject to terms and conditions. TGV INOUI takes you to 200 destinations in France, offering a choice of fares and several different types of seats.. (

The TGV OUIGO is SNCF’s low-cost option for high-speed travel. These double-decker trains travel at 300 km/h and consist of a single class (equivalent to second class), with tickets sold exclusively online. They are a great choice if you’re looking for more affordable train tickets, as TGV OUIGO trains offer excellent value for money. There are two kinds of tickets: OUIGO ESSENTIEL, the basic fare, to which you can add seat selection with an electrical outlet, extra luggage and more, for an extra fee, and OUIGO PLUS, which includes all OUIGO services (additional bags, seat selection, Wi-Fi, skip-the-queue service, etc.) for just 9€ more. Children’s tickets for travel on the OUIGO Grande Vitesse are sold at a flat rate of 8€, and children under the age of 12 have access to OUIGO PLUS services for free. In addition, OUIGO tickets can be exchanged up to 30 minutes before departure, for a fee. (

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