and its associated website are designed to help visitors to France explore and enjoy France, French wine and food and all that it has to offer. Based on many years of exploring France as both a tourist and wine importer we try to offer a unique perspective and useful ideas and information on this beautiful and diverse country.

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FrenchDuck came into being after our wine importing business closed. We had a focus on the lesser-known wines of France, which led us to exploring areas of France beyond the usual tourist destinations. We met many wonderful people, winemakers, hoteliers etc who were happy to share their knowledge and experience and helped us to discover more of the real France (la France profonde) than we would have been able to without them.

The wine scene has improved immensely – with many independent winemakers making some stunning wines and even some co-operative wine cellars producing wines of quality. No longer is the south of France renown for cheap, bulk wines and the same is true elsewhere, with organic wines (vins bio) now being widely available.

Our initial focus (1989) was Southwest France at a time when the wines of Cahors, Bergerac, Gaillac and others were little known or understood. Later forays led us to discover the joys of Alsace, Beaujolais, Provence and the Loire and Rhône Valleys. The Languedoc proved to be a rich and exciting region to explore, especially the Corbières and Minervois wine areas. Even after nearly 30 years of visits the country still surprises and delights.

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