Region: Hauts de France Prefecture: Laon

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A series of landscapes; each one different from the last, from valleys to hilly terrain. This diversity makes the department a bucolic area ideal for outdoor leisure activities.


The towns and cities of the Aisne department have remained modestly-sized, thus retaining their soul. They are like open books recounting the very rich local history, with a multitude of architectural gems scattered across the countryside. The heart of the first kingdom of France, Aisne is covered with paths of memory.

It’s the fourth department in France in terms of the number of listed buildings. Aisne has a fine choice of different landscapes: there are five of them, to be exact, just waiting to be discovered: different farming and cooking traditions and, of course, to taste the specialities of each one ranging from champagne to cider and from beans to maroilles cheese; intimate and warm settings thanks to the simplicity and friendliness of the people who live there.

Aisne has cherished, charmed and inspired scores of painters and writers. Along paths or on the smooth water of canals, in museums, parks, gardens and village residences, a genuine treasure-trove opens up before your eyes enabling you to discover their works. They will open the door allowing you to feel the spirit of the area. {]

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