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In Calvados (14, Calvados, Normandie) between Caen and Lisieux is a unique example of a small French castle that has been miraculously preserved, the Chateau de Crèvecœur has survived to this day, practically intact – Surrounded by a moat, the castle has retained its original two-part layout. The complex includes some 16th Century half-timbered buildings, a  herb-garden, a sheep-fold, a bread oven and a pottery kiln.

Located between Caen and Lisieux, the Château de Crèvecoeur-en-Auge is a perfectly preserved medieval site, where visitors can discover centuries of history in one of Normandy’s oldest castle enclosures.

The Château de Crèvecoeur-en-Auge is a fortified castle surrounded by water. The site has preserved its original layout: the mound where the manor house stands and the lower courtyard with the chapel and half-timbered farm buildings.
The Château de Crèvecoeur-en-Auge offers a varied programme of events all year round, including the famous “Médiévales” medieval festival in August.
3 exhibitions tell the story of the Middle Ages and the incredible adventure of the Schlumberger brothers (the family that owns the site).

6 – 13 August 2023 Medieval Festival

Les Médiévales offers an unforgettable journey in time! History brought to life! For eight days, some sixty enthusiasts bring the Crèvecœur estate back to life as it was back in the 15th century. Jousting tournaments, music and troubadours (minstrels), puppet shows and a Medieval Tavern have been some of the highlights of earlier years.

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In the village is a small auberge hotel – Auberge Du Cheval Blanc 

Auberge du Cheval Blanc
Auberge du Cheval Blanc

For more info and to check availabilty at this Crèvecoeur-en-Auge auberge see Auberge Du Cheval Blanc

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Property of the Schlumberger Museum Foundation since 1970, Crèvecœur castle houses an exhibition focussing on the industrial adventures of the Schlumberger brothers, Conrad and Marcel. Born in Alsace, it was nevertheless in the Pays d’Auge that these genius inventors carried out their research which was to revolutionize mineral prospecting and the exploitation of oil deposits throughout the world.

The Castle – A unique example of a small French castle that has been miraculously preserved, Crèvecœur has survived to this day, practically intact. The inner bailey is protected by the moat, the motte and its curtain wall dating back to the 12th century, slashed with arrow slits. The only way across to the inner bailey, and thus the lord’s dwelling-place, is a single footbridge. The importance of farming is immediately obvious. There is a farm, a dovecote and a barn in the outer bailey, forming a very fine example of regional constructions built using timber panelling. Originally protected by a talus topped with a wooden palisade, it was the place where villagers could take refuge in the event of an attack. It recounts the medieval history of Normandy, vibrant, moving, captivating! Almost ten centuries of history, recorded in documents and objects having survived to the present day, since the 12th century, which was an auspicious period of donations to abbeys, through to the publication in the 19th century of a book relating the history of the Englishmen’s treasure.