The city of Nantes (44 Loire-Atlantique. Pays de la Loire) holds its Floral Festival (Floralies) 17 – 26 May 2024 at Le Domaine de la Chabotterie in 85260 MONTRÉVERD (85 Vendée) about 47 km/30 miles south of Nantes.

This prestigious floral event, the Floralies International takes place in the vicinity of Nantes, every 5 years (since 1956). The committee organising the event is based in Nantes and seeks to celebrate the best in horticultural practice and ideas. For this 13th edition, visitors are invited to discover ornamental scenes developed by professionals and passionate amateurs from all over France and around the world.

 This edition of Floralies Internationales – France will explore the theme of “Flower games” through five categories: water games, childhood games, intellectual games, garden games and physical games..

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