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Official Guide to the Most Beautiful Villages of France

The Official Guide

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Speed Cameras & Sat Navs

According to the Automobile Association, French law has now changed making it illegal to use a Sat Nav which identifies speed camera locations in France.

Effective from 3 January 2012 French laws prohibiting drivers from carrying devices capable of detecting speed cameras have been  extended to include devices able to warn or inform of the location of speed cameras e.g. Satnav orGPS systems capable of showing speed camera sites as POI.

As well as now banning all devices capable of warning drivers of speed camera locations, the French government is installing around 400 new fixed speed cameras and is taking down road signs indicating the location of existing fixed speed camera sites.

What should you do

If you have a Satnav capable of displaying French camera locations in France then you must at least disable camera alerts before driving in France. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the Satnav for advice as it is likely that a software or database update is available

The French under Monsieur Sarkozy have tried hard to change some appalling Road Death statistics and have been clamping down on speeding and drunk driving –  you have been warned!

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