The town of Bègles (33 Gironde, Nouvelle Aquitaine), on the outskirts of Bordeaux, holds an annual Festival to celebrate the Morue, (salted cod) which is an important part of Basque and Spanish cuisine – 31 May – 2 June 2024Fete de la Morue!

In 2012 the festival also celebrated the Potato! and featured the many different colours of potato – orange, yellow, chocolate, green and violet!

Over the weekend you can taste and learn to cook this delicacy e.g as in Brandade de Morue (Spanish bacalao) – local restaurants will be offering special menus and there will be music, parades and other diversions making for a fun atmosphere.

Music is a large part of the Festival as is the Grand Omelette,, made from 500+ eggs!

Whilst in Bègles it is worth going to see the art deco 1930s Piscine (swimming pool) which has been restored to its former glories – see

For more info on the Cod Fest – see

Bègles is on the Line C of the Bordeaux tramway sytem.

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