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Luchon Flower Festival

The town of Luchon (31 Haut-Garonne, Occitanie) (also known as Bagnères de Luchon) in the middle of the Pyrenees celebrates its annual Luchon Flower Festival (Fete des Fleurs22 – 25 August 2019 running annually since 1899! – see www.luchon.com

The festival includes processions, floats, music, dancing and a Miss Fleurs competition!!

Best known as a winter ski resort with its easy access from Toulouse, it remains nevertheless an attractive area to visit in Summer.

Luchon Flower Festival posterLocated in the heart of the Pyrenees, at the foot of the highest summits of this spectacular range, Luchon (630m) and Superbagneres (1860m) both benefit from a remarkable geographic location and an exceptional concentration of summits higher than 3000 metres.Ever since the conquest of the Monts Maudits, all the great Pyrenean climbers have left their mark in the granite of the Luchon Mountains.

B&B Villa Portillon, Luchon

B&B Villa Portillon, Luchon

High altitude enthusiasts will find the quality of rock they’re looking for, from the endless treks on the ridges above 3000 metres, to the excitement of mountain climbs on the majestic rock faces of Pic Quaïrat or Les Spijeoles.

Numerous high altitude lakes invite you to stroll or fish, unless you’d prefer a botanical walk!

For more info in the Luchon Flower Festival see www.luchon.com

B&Bs, self-catering and Hotels in Luchon including the B&B Villa Portillon in the heart of the spa town of Bagnères-de-Luchon with magnificent Pyrenean views.

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