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Cotes de Bourg wine centre

As Bordeaux prepares to open its  Cité des Civilisation des Vins de Bordeaux, the smaller Côtes de Bourg appellation is launching an ambitious construction project around wine-tourism: Maison des Vins des Cotes de Bourg.

Cotes de Bourg wine centre

Cotes de Bourg wine centre

Part of the development of Bourg city and  docks, designed to welcome cruise passengers in future years.

This expansion celebrated its opening in the spring 2016 at the same time as the Cité des Civilisation des Vins de Bordeaux
Our goal is clear : We want to offer an exclusive welcome to tourists but also to wine professionnals.
The Maison des Vins, being the true embodiment of the appellation, will become a requisite step in the discovering of Bordeaux region.
The whole-new Maison des Vins will open its own wine bar in order to offer a unique tasting experience with a large wine range from the appellation.
This new Maison des Vins will also include a reception hall for 130  and a large terrace of 150 square meters.
But above all that, you will enjoy a magical view over the Dordogne River.
New entertainments will be proposed: we will organize wine-tourism routes, welcome seminars and conferences, host tasting workshops, but also oenologist aperitifs, and wine-themed events.

For more info on the Maison des Vins see

Maison des Vins des Cotes de Bourg 1, Place de L’Eperon 33710 – Bourg-sur-Gironde

stay in a local wine chateau B&B at Chateau la Grave 

Chateau de la Grave B&B

Chateau de la Grave B&B

The Cotes de Bourg AOC is one of the oldest wine producing regions in France, in large part due to its highly trafficked location off the river and vine friendly soil. Historians date Côtes de Bourg’s viticulture back to the Second Century where Romans planted “Vitis Biturica”, an ancestor of Cabernet.

In general, the terroir is mostly comprised of limestone and clay. With an average altitude of 20m above sea level and its proximity to the river and Atlantic Ocean, Côtes de Bourg has a unique microclimate that has contributed to its history and taste.

You’ll find mostly Merlot based reds coming out of Côtes de Bourg but you’ll also find about 5% dry white production blended from Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscadelle and Colombard. 

On that note, Côtes de Bourg is one of few Bordeaux appellations that has Colombard and Ugni Blanc on vine.

There are 400 winemakers in Côtes de Bourg of which 2/3 are family owned, independent Chateaux. 

Côtes de Bourg are blended for younger drinking but can also be aged at five to ten years, displaying the versatility of value wines from Bordeaux.