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Corsica is rightly known as the Ile de Beauté (Isle of Beauty) and is worth a visit at any time of year for its stunning coastline, rugged interior or its great climate – even in winter the weather is mild and pleasant.

Visit Bucugnanu (20, Corse) in November and you can indulge in a Chestnut Festival (Fiera di a Castagna) 9 – 11 December 2022

As well as celebrating the local nut you can discover the many different ways in which chestnuts can be used – roasted, as a flavouring for both sweet and savoury dishes, for flour, bread, pastries, honey etc

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Corsica is a land of character. Observe its environment and you will understand its history… Its tormented geology gave birthto an exceptional natural heritage, as many places to daydream. Certainly, this unusual and authentic, Corsica will surprise you!

The 67 Genoese towers which studded the Corsican coastline, the Calanche de Piana, the remains of Filitosa, or even thebeauty of the reserve of Scandola, are marks of time that have shaped its unique contours.

Struck by the tumult of the past, Corsica offers a remarkable built area: Romanesque and baroque churches, prestigehomes…

And if over your wanderings, you come across charming villages hostels, hesitate a second to push the door.

In the heart of Corsican identity : Corsica, land of creativity, authenticity and tradition

Discover talented artists, brimming with ideas and expertise, who use their skills to produce a range of high-quality products.

Sample our cuisine, flavoured with the scents of the maquis and the sea: Corsica has maintained many of its gastronomic traditions, with food and cuisine playing an important role in the life of the island.

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