Corsica is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean islands, and whilst you can fly direct there is also the option of taking the ferry across from the south of France or Italian ports – and get a 10 hour mini-cruise into the bargain.

Moby are introducing a new service from Toulon (83 Var, Provence, Alpes. Cote d’Azur) to Bastia from April 2010. Moby and other ferry operators also sail from Marseille, Nice and numerous points on the Italian coast. You can also go via Sardinia.

Corsica differs from the idea one has of the Mediterranean islands. In fact, no other island is as green as Corsica: from its Laricio pine forests and emerald-green mountain lakes, to its fragrant maquis [scrub], cooling high mountain pastures and wine-growing lands. If Corsica is an “emerald isle”, it owes it to its unique topography in the Mediterranean: this “mountain in the sea” is well deserving of its nickname, with 120 peaks above an altitude of 2 000 m, which remain snow-capped until the spring. The 25 watercourses that flow through it make the island the best irrigated in the Mediterranean Basin. To top it all, Corsica offers the luxury of 1 000 km of the richest, most varied coastline. With a “Parc Naturel Régional” [Regional Natural Park] that covers two-thirds of its surface area, Corsica is a well-preserved island divided between nature reserves and listed sites.

Other ferry operators to Corsica include


see also Corsica Tourist Office website

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