Touraine Dauvignon

Isabelle & Noe Rouballay own and run this charming small domaine in southern Touraine on a plateau between the Loire and Cher rivers at Oisly (41 Loir=et-Cher, Centre – Val-de-Loire)

This family run domaine is totally focussed on producing quality wines. They adhere to the TERRA VITIS approach, which whilst not truly organic, is a system which minimises the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, with a view to ensuring that the soil and “terroir” remain healthy and productive for future harvests and generations. Two-thirds of their production is for white wines (i.e. Sauvignon)

The Loire Valley is often over-looked for good quality wines, but this is changing as some of the better winemakers are really concentrating on good quality, small yields and careful vinification. The climate here is more influenced by the continent rather than the Atlantic Ocean compared to the rest of the Loire Valley, and hence is often a little warmer and drier.
Sauvignon Blanc is the star grape variety in this region, but very good reds are also produced.
The combination of soil and climate make this region especially good for Sauvignon Blanc. Being cooler than wine regions further south means that good crisp, full-flavoured Sauvignon can be made, but without excessive acidity which can sometimes spoil these wines. (The area is close to the classic Sancerre & Pouilly-Fumé areas, which arguably produce the best northern hemisphere Sauvignons, albeit at a price.) This wine from Domaine Octavie is delightful – dry, fresh, clean flavours with well-balanced acidity. On the nose it is quite complex and aromatic – grassy, gooseberry tones.

TOURAINE AC Cuvee Fragrance, Domaine Octavie
Despite a relatively cool climate, the region (and this domaine) can also produce good reds, which tend to be less tannic than wines from further south in France. As always it is a matter of choosing the right grape varieties which have the potential to produce wonderful wines.
This cuvée is a very successful blend of Gamay (immediate and accessible fruitiness), Cabernet Franc (the red Loire grape – raspberry, earthy tones) and Cot (also known as Auxerrois or Malbec) which brings body and structure to the wine. Skilled blending by Noe Rouballay yields a lovely fruity, classy red with lots of upfront fruit, yet satisfyingly long in the mouth. Great with cold meats, pasta etc.
Isabelle & Noe Rouballay, Domaine Octavie, 41700 OISLY

Oisly lies south of Blois and the Loire River

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