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Coulommiers Cheese & Wine Festival

Coulommiers (77 Seine-et-Marne, Ile de France) celebrates its annual Cheese and Wine Festival 3 – 6 April 2020.

Coulommiers Cheese Festival logo

Coulommiers Cheese Festival logo

Coulommiers cheese comes from the area South East of Paris where Brie, the better-known classic French cheese is also made. Like Brie, it is a soft uncooked, unpressed cows milk cheese which coulommierscan be made with either pasteurised or unpasteurised (raw) milk – although there are moves afoot within France to ban the use of unpasteurised milk in cheeses. It is matured for between 4 and 8 weeks and is produced in smaller rounds than Brie. It has a rich and creamy body wiith a rather nuttier flavour and a thicker crust. As with all such soft cheeses it is vitally important to eat the cheese at optimum ripeness – too young and it can be rather tastless; leave it too long and the smell and taste of ammonia overwhelms the nose and palate. If in doubt leave the cheese out of the fridge (but in a cool corner) for a few days until the crust is bouncy. Better still buy from a proper cheesemonger who should be able to guide you.

The French do take their local cheeses very seriously – not only do they have a National Cheese Day with events throughout France and elsewhere; but whilst the Brits have novelty Womens Institute calendars, the French produce one with 12 From’age girls!!from_girls2015
Holiday accommodation in and around Coulommiers includes Hotels, Self-catering and B&B (Chambres d’Hote) such as the Chateau de Pommeuse, an elegant 18th Century Chateau set in 18 hectares of parkland.

Chateau de Pommeuse B&B

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