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Annonay Balloon Festival

Annonay Balloon Festival 1 – 2  June 2018  Annonay (07 Ardèche, ARA) holds its annual Hot Air Balloon Festival (L’Art de l’Envol) on the first weekend of June.


An historical reconstitution of the flight of the first paper hot air balloon made by the famous Montgolfier brothers. This historic flight, which took place on June 4, 1783 in Annonay, led to the first manned flight!

The Montgolfier brothers:
The town is the site of Montgolfier brothers’s first balloon flight and includes several monuments to mark this event:

  • A Statue of the brothers Joseph and Etienne de Montgolfier located in the Place de Liberation, by the sculptor Henri Cordier.
  • The Pyramid stone obelisk, the work of Étienne-François Imbard located on the Boulevard de la République. Built between 1819 and 1822, it commemorates the first ballooning experience of the Montgolfier brothers.
  • The Montgolfier-Canson Paper Mill (18th century) is registered as an historical monument.

Annonay is about 75km southwest of Lyon.

For more info on the Balloon Festival see www.mairie-annonay.fr/

B&B Le Clos de Lapras
B&B Le Clos de Lapras

Stay at the B&B Le Clos de Lapras in the town with its outfoor swimming pool.

For more info on this Annonay B&B see B&B Le Clos de Lapras

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