Now that does sound like fun – although maybe a little scary until you are confident on the machine – segway on the loire brochurehire a Segway for a tour of the parts of the Loire Valley

“The Segway PT (Personal Transporter) is unique! Each machine is a self-balancing electric transportation device. Teamed up with two computers, gyroscopes automatically respond to your body’s movements, «sensing» when it should speed up and slow down in order to keep you in balance while moving up to 12mph!
Only 5 minutes to master – Learning to use a segway is a magical experience and comes naturaly. It is the first time we get carried by a machine which seems to move by itself.

Currently on offer in the towns of Loches (the royal housing, trave around the Bachelet park at the bottom of the majestic donjon and meander around the paved alleyways of the citadel. ), Amboise (from Amboise castle to the famous Clos Luce manor house, where Leonardo Da Vinci once lived …the heights of the city to the panoramic view of the Loire) and Tours ( the majestic cathedral, the royal castle and the old Wilson bridge.)-

For more info Tel: 02 47 30 95 35 (in France) see

There are also Segway Tours in Paris – see

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