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Normandy Gardens project

An innovative project has been launched which links 2 attractive regions either side of the channel through their respective abundance of gardens to visit. French gardens are often interesting to visit, especially as some aim to create what they think of as a “jardin anglais” – usually with lawns and “cottage garden” features, whilst others, particularly in the grounds of stately homes and chateaux, can be very formal.

Normandy clearly has a wealth of gardens open to the public – “The parks and gardens of Normandy, whether botanical, landscape or historic have become important points of reference. Connoisseurs as well as novices will be enthralled by the wealth of different species as well as the beauty of the individual sites. You will find 40 sites, all members of the association, which have been selected not only for their beauty but also for their hospitality. Visitors can discover a wide range of surroundings and secret walks which change daily according to the weather, plant cycle and with a little help from man.”

They range includes the famous Monet gardens at Giverny (27 Eure, Haut-Normandie) near the Seine, the magnificently named Jardins de Bellevue at Beaumont le Hareng (the herring?) (76 Seine-Maritime, Normandie) which houses 2 national collections and Agapanthe (“a contemporary garden, burgeoning with plants, takes the form of a series of sharply contrasting intimate spaces ; a botanical walk which also pays tribute to man-made structures, artistically blending the mineral and vegetable kingdoms.”) at Grigneuseville (76 Seine-Maritime, Normandie); and as far west as the Jardin des Plantes at Coutances (50 Manche, Normandie). There are also the gardens at Chateau Champ de Bataille (Castle Battlefield?) at Le Neubourg (27 Eure, Normandie)

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A selection of Normandy gardens

Jardins d'Argences
(Manoir d'Argences 50200 Saussey )
Parc Floral et Colline des Oiseaux
(Avenue Amiral Mountbatten, 14000 Caen)
Jardins des Pays d'Auge
(route des 3 rois 14340 Cambremer)
Jardins duPrieuré St-Michel
(Le Prieuré St-Michel 61120 CROUTTES)
Roseraie et Parc du Chateau Mesnil-Geoffroy
(2, chemin de la Dame Blanche 76740 - ERMENOUVILLE )
Les Jardins Agapanthe
(76850 Grigneuseville France)
Château de Miromesnil
(Château de Miromesnil 76550 Tourville-sur-Arques )
Parc et Jardins du Chateau de Canon
(14270 Avenue du Château, Mézidon-Canon, France)
Château de Vendeuvre
(9 rue du Château - 14170 Vendeuvre)
Château de Vauville
(50440 Vauville FRANCE)
Château et du Parc de Nacqueville
(50460 Urville-Nacqueville, France)
Pépinières et Paysages d'Elle
(15 Le Repas, 50680 Villiers-Fossard, France)
Entre-Deux-Mers B&B l'Autre Vie
(33190 Camiran)
Bordeaux Hotel St James, Bouliac
(33270 Bouliac, France)
Côtes de Bordeaux B&B Domaine de la Grande Motte
(17240 Saint-Dizant-du-Gua, France)
Fronsac B&B – Chateau de Richelieu
(33126 Fronsac, France)
Saint Emilion B&B Pavillon Villemaurine
(33330 Saint-Émilion, France)
Saint Emilion Hotel Isabeau de Naujan
(33420 Saint-Vincent-de-Pertignas, France)
Bordeaux Self-catering apartment - Les Chartons
(33000 Bordeaux, France)
Saint Emilion B&B Les Belles Perdrix de Troplong Mondot
(33330 Saint-Émilion, France)
Margaux Hotel Relais de Margaux
(33460 Margaux, France)
Saint Emilion B&B Chateau Franc Pourret, St Emilion
(Chateau Franc Pourret, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France )
Bordeaux Self-catering Gite - Chateau Bauduc
(33670 Créon)
Graves Hotel Les Sources de Caudalie
(33650 Martillac, France)
Margaux B&B Chateau du Tertre
(33460 Arsac, France)
Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois B&B Chateau Ormes de Pez
(33180 Saint-Estèphe, France)
Puisseguin B&B Château de Môle
(33570 Puisseguin, France )
Saint-Estèphe Hotel Chateau Pomys
(33180 Saint-Estèphe, France)
Saint Emilion B&B – Coup 2 Foudres, St Emilion
(33420 Saint-Jean-de-Blaignac, France )
Saint Emilion Hôtel Château Grand Barrai
(44.914249368747086, -0.19775390625)
Graves Hotel La Réserve au Pavillon Du Chateau Raba, Talence
(33400 Talence, France)
Margaux B&B Chateau Giscours
(10 Route de Giscours, 33460 Labarde, France)
Graves Chateau Pape-Clement
(216, avenue du Docteur Nancel Pénard, 33600 Pessac, France)
Saint Emilion Guest House
(Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes, France)
Bordeaux Supérieur Chateau de Seguin
(3 Chemin du Bon Coin, 33360 Lignan-de-Bordeaux, France)
Saint Emilion Chateau Franc Pourret
(Chateau Franc Pourret, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France )
Sauternes Chateau Trillon
(13 Cap Lanne, 33210 Sauternes, France)
Castillon Chateau Galot-la-Chapelle
(111 Tourtirac, 33350 Gardegan-et-Tourtirac, France)
Saint Emilion Chateau Troplong Mondot
(Chateau Troplong Mondot, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France)
Margaux Chateau de Meyre
( 16, route de Castelnau, 33480 Avensan, France)
Saint Emilion Chateau Franc Grace-Dieu
(Lieu dit la Grâce-Dieu, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France)
St Emilion Relais de Chateau Franc Mayne
(14 La Gomerie - D243, 33330 Saint-Émilion, France )
Listrac Chateau Mayne Lalande
(33480 Listrac-Médoc, France)
Cotes de Bourg Chateau de la Grave
(33710 Bourg sur Gironde, Bourg, France)
Saint Emilion Relais de Chateau Franc Mayne
(33330 Saint-Émilion, France)
Bordeaux - Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez
(10, rue Labottière, 33000 Bordeaux, France )
Chateau Fleur de Roques
(33570 Puisseguin, France)
Chateau de Lussac
(15, rue Lincent, 33570 Lussac, France)
Clos Vieux Rochers
(33570 Puisseguin, France)
Chateau de Camperos
(33720 Barsac, France)
Chateau Pey de la Tour
(32 Avenue de la Tour, 33370 Sallebœuf, France)

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