Cavaillon (84 Vaucluse, Provence PACA) is one of the major centres of Melon production in France – and on the weekend of 30 June – 1 July 2023 there is the Melon Festival which includes the Feria du Melon, a celebration of Melons and the Provencal style of bull-running with horses/

cavaiilon-melonsWith music, dancing, processions of donkeys, ponies and horses, and plenty of opportunities to try Melon in its many guises (jams, sauces, liqueurs etc) and buy from the Melon market, The Cavaillon melon tends to be smaller but more flavoursome than say, a honeydew melon.

B&B Bastide des Barattes, Cavaillon
B&B Bastide des Barattes, Cavaillon

Cavaillon is also well-situated for visiting Avignon, St Remy de Provence and the Luberon area – some of the best of Provence.

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Eurostar train

By Train/TGV to Avignon then local connection with Rail Europe

As a starter or a dessert, melon is a refreshing fruit, a symbol of the summer in Provence. Melons are a speciality of the town of Cavaillon, where they are harvested by hand from May to September.
Melon is usually eaten raw with cured ham or Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise. It is popular as a candied fruit and widely used by our confectioners in the Apt region. Melon has also become the speciality of the chef Jean-Jacques Prévôt, who, in his restaurant (an old melon warehouse) serves different melon dishes including the surprising “Summer Mac Prévôt”, a hamburger made with melon.

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