For a real lift in the middle of a grey English winter, you could do worse than to sign up for this novel and delightful daily “picture of Provence”. Julian Merrow-Smith is a British painter living in Provence where he has had a studio for 8 years.
“Postcard from Provence is an ongoing project involving painting and posting a small oil painting, mostly daily, in which I try to reflect the changing seasons and light of my adoptive home in Provence.”
Personally I like the style and the subject matter feels authentically Provencal – I look forward to seeing a new one most days, and who knows I may even be tempted to purchase the odd one to brighten up the house.
You can subscribe to his daily “Postcard from Provence” at http://shiftinglight.com/maillist/?p=subscribe

Whilst on the subject of Provence the Independent has produced a guide to Provence which is full of useful info on this most exotic of regions.

Also see our calendar of events in France

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