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Verdun Memorial reopens

The Verdun Memorial (Mémorial de Verdun) reopens to the public on 21 February 2016 after a refurbishment and to mark the centenary of the Battle of Verdun.

Memorial de Verdun

Memorial de Verdun

Fought in 1916 the Battle of Verdun was a long and hard-fought battle for the French – lasting some 300 days between February and December 1916.

The Memorial is sited on the battlefield to the north of Verdun (55 Meuse, ACAL), close to the destroyed village of Fleury-devant-Douaumont.

Verdun has a particular memory for the French, as it was the longest battle on the western Front and they fought off the Germans alone – eventually.And this is where Marshal Petain acquired his hero status before WW2. Altogether nearly 2.5 million men on both sides. It is a sobering place to visit.

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There is a B&B at Chambres D’Hôtes Des 3 Rois (Three King’s B&B) just 1km outside the town and convenient for visiting the Memorial etc.