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Open doors at St Mont in Gascony

If you are in SouthWest France towards the end of March, you’d do well to get down to deepest Gascony for the open doors weekend of the Plaimont Co-operative for the St Mont festival(32 Gers, Midi-Pyrenees –  27 March 2015. Here you can taste and buy Madiran (red), Pacherenc du Vic Billh (dessert white). Cotes de St Mont VDQS (red, white and rose), Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne. You’ll get to meet and talk to the winemakers and get a good deal on any purchases .
Now this is really deepest France – overwhelmingly rural and agricultural – gently rolling hills, no major towns or main roads – quiet, peaceful. few people, sleepy villages – and yet for some reason the Gers departement manages to host some mainstream events, such as the annual summer Jazz Festival in Marciac (August), a funky salsa festival of music and dance in Tempo Latino at Vic Fezensac in July (where there is also a Whitsun Bull-running festival (Feria de Pentecote) and numerous celebrations around wine throughout the year. The Gersois are intensely proud of their traditions, ably demonstrated by the Plaimont co-op where quality and tradition come together so well.
For more info on Plaimont see www.plaimont.com

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