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France – National Cheese Day

The French do take their local cheeses very seriously – not only do they have a National Cheese Day (La Journée nationale du fromage) 27  March 2020 with events throughout France and elsewhere; but whilst the Brits have novelty Womens Institute calendars, the French produce one with 12 “Fromage” girls – and it is quite cheesy! – see

5-6 May 2018: ‘Les Rencontres de Cambremer’, Calvados see – 04

The next edition of the National cheese day will take place as every year on fourth Saturday of March. Many events were be organized with the cheese retailer during the days which precede, the D-day and those which follow. The following Monday will be dedicated to the children : cheese makers will go to nursery schools and primary schools to make discover unpasteurized milk cheeses which smell sweetly the soil…

for more info see

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