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Visions of France, Eguisheim

Whilst our usual menu of practical information on visiting France is on hold ….

….more about Visions of France, Eguisheim

Visions of France- Champagne

The chalkland landscapes ofThe Champagne region ….

….more about Visions of France- Champagne

Avenue de Champagne, Epernay

On Monday 8 July 2019 the Tour de France cycle race sprints up the famous ….

….more about Avenue de Champagne, Epernay

Fête du Gewurztraminer – Bergheim

The Alsace wine village of Bergheim (69 Haut-Rhin, Grand Est) holds an annual wine fair ….

….more about Fête du Gewurztraminer – Bergheim

Vauban’s impressive legacy

Watching the Tour de France last week, I noticed that one stage finished in the ….

….more about Vauban’s impressive legacy

Colmar wine festival

The pretty Alsace town of Colmar (68 Haut-Rhin, Grand Est) is regarded as the Wine ….

….more about Colmar wine festival

Ay Champagne Festival Henri IV

The Champagne wine village of Ay (51 Marne, Grand Est) holds an bi-annual celebration of ….

….more about Ay Champagne Festival Henri IV

Celebration Champagne tasting route

With your champagne-glass ‘passport’ in hand, take the Champagne tasting route 27 – 28 July ….

….more about Celebration Champagne tasting route

White Pudding Festival – Rethel

26 April 2016 the town of Rethel (o8 Ardennes, Grand Est) celebrates its famous ….

….more about White Pudding Festival – Rethel

Verdun Memorial reopens

The Verdun Memorial (Mémorial de Verdun) reopens to the public on 21 February 2016 ….

….more about Verdun Memorial reopens

Sarreguemines – China Mill

The Moulin de la Blies (Blies Mill) is a museum in Sarreguemines (57 Moselle, ….

….more about Sarreguemines – China Mill

The Top places to visit in France

French TV Channel France 2 has published a list of the Top places to visit ….

….more about The Top places to visit in France

Top attractions in France

EU citizens under the age of 26 get free entry into most of France’s national ….

….more about Top attractions in France

Beautiful Villages of France

The Beautiful Villages of France Association is taking part in a 2CV Rally from Paris ….

….more about Beautiful Villages of France

Rouen and the Joan of Arc Museum

The Cathedral de Notre Dame in Rouen is illuminated at night Cathédrale de Lumière ….

….more about Rouen and the Joan of Arc Museum


Ay-en-Champagne (51 Marne, Champagne) is a small wine village just a few kilometres from the ….

….more about Ay-en-Champagne

Wine Fair in Colmar

7-16 August 2015 sees the Annual Alsace Wine Fair (Foire aux Vins d’Alsace) in ….

….more about Wine Fair in Colmar

Nancy and Eastern France

Nancy (54 Meurthe-et-Moselle, Grand Est) is the star attraction in Eastern France with its history, ….

….more about Nancy and Eastern France

Castles in France!

There are some extraordinary places to stay in France including hotels within fortified castles ….

….more about Castles in France!

Montmirail-Marchais and Napoleon 1814

It is 100 years since Napoleon fought one of his last major battles in France ….

….more about Montmirail-Marchais and Napoleon 1814