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Air routes to France

There are many options for getting to France from the UK by plane – budget airlines in particular offering a wide range of departure points and destinations. And, as most flights are 2 hours or less the lack of legroom and inflight catering is seldom a problem. We have listed over 45 scheduled routes (excluding Paris) which shows the range of options now available.

The main problem is that the routes often change from season to season (e.g. some routes run more in the winter for skiing in the Alps or Pyrenees), and some routes are withdrawn if traffic levels are insufficient.

We shall try to make this information as comprehensive and reliable as we can, but you should always check schedules, dates etc with your travel agent or direct with the airline.The following is a list of direct flights, but remember you can also reach many more locations within France and Corsica by travelling via Paris and connecting with French domestic routes or through some of the Budget Airlines connections within Europe.

We have excluded Paris as most regional airports offer flights to Paris.

updated April 2008

Destination From airline
Destination From airline
Angers Manchester Aer Arran
Angers Exeter flybe
Angouleme London Stansted Ryanair
Avignon Leeds/Bradford Jet2
Avignon Southampton flybe
Avignon Southampton flybe
Bergerac Belfast flybe
Bergerac Birmingham flybe
Bergerac Bristol flybe
Bergerac Exeter flybe
Bergerac Leeds/Bradford flybe
Bergerac Liverpool Ryanair
Bergerac London Stansted Ryanair
Bergerac London Gatwick flybe
Bergerac Manchester flybe
Bergerac Nottingham/E.Mids Ryanair
Bergerac Southampton flybe
Beziers Bristol Ryanair
Beziers London Stansted Ryanair
Biarritz London Stansted Ryanair
Bordeaux Bristol easyJet
Bordeaux Bristol flybe
Bordeaux Southampton flybe
Bordeaux Birmingham bmibaby
Bordeaux Luton easyJet
Bordeaux Manchester bmibaby
Bordeaux Norwich flybe
Bordeaux Nottingham/E Mids bmibaby
Brest Birmingham flybe
Brest Exeter flybe
Brest Southampton flybe
Calais Southend Flywatch
Carcassonne London Stansted Ryanair
Carcassonne Nottingham/E Mids Ryanair
Chambery Bristol Excel
Chambery Leeds Jet2
Chambery Manchester Jet2
Chambery Southampton flybe
Chambery Birmingham flybe
Chambery Exeter flybe
Chambery Norwich flybe
Cherbourg Southampton flybe
Deauville London Stansted cancelled
Dinard London Stansted Ryanair
Dinard Bristol (from Sept 07) Ryanair
Dinard Nottingham/E Mids Ryanair
Dinard Birmingham Ryanair
Geneva Liverpool easyJet
Geneva Doncaster/Sheffield easyJet
Geneva Bournemouth easyJet
Geneva Bristol easyJet
Geneva Edinburgh easyJet
Geneva Glasgow easyJet
Geneva London Stansted easyJet
Geneva London Gatwick easyJet
Geneva London Luton easyJet
Geneva Newcastle easyJet
Geneva Nottingham/E.Mids easyJet
Geneva Birmingham bmibaby
Geneva Cardiff bmibaby
Geneva Nottingham/E.Mids bmibaby
Geneva Manchester bmibaby
Grenoble Bristol easyJet
Grenoble East Midlands Ryanair
Grenoble Glasgow (Prestwick) Ryanair
Grenoble London Stansted Ryanair
Grenoble Liverpool Ryanair
Grenoble Heathrow BA
Grenoble London Luton easyJet
Grenoble London Gatwick easyJet
La Rochelle Birmingham flybe
La Rochelle Bristol easyJet
La Rochelle Glasgow flybe
La Rochelle London Stansted Ryanair
La Rochelle Manchester flybe
La Rochelle Southampton flybe
le Havre Shoreham Euroexec
Le Touquet Lydd Lyddair
Le Touquet Shoreham Euroexec
Le Touquet Southend Flywatch
Lille Leeds/Bradford bmi
Lille Glasgow bmi
Lille Edinburgh bmi
Limoges Southampton flybe
Limoges London Stansted Ryanair
Limoges Liverpool Ryanair
Limoges Manchester flybe
Limoges Nottingham/E.Mids Ryanair
Lorient London Luton AerArran
Lyon Heathrow bmibaby
Lyon London Stansted easyJet
Lyon Bournemouth thomsonfly
Lyon Coventry thomsonfly
Lyon Manchester bmi
Lyon Doncaster/Sheffield thomsonfly
Marseille Birmingham Ryanair
Marseille Bournemouth Ryanair
Marseille Bristol easyJet
Marseille Edinburgh Ryanair
Marseille London Stansted Ryanair
Marseille London Gatwick easyJet
Marseille Manchester Ryanair
Montpellier London Stansted Ryanair
Nantes Liverpool Ryanair
Nantes Bournemouth Ryanair
Nantes London Stansted Ryanair
Nantes London Gatwick Air France
Nantes Nottingham/E.Mids Ryanair
Nice Bristol easyJet
Nice Cardiff flybe
Nice Jersey flybe
Nice Liverpool easyJet
Nice London Gatwick easyJet
Nice London Luton easyJet
Nice London Stansted easyJet
Nice Newcastle easyJet
Nice Birmingham bmibaby
Nice Birmingham bmibaby
Nice London Heathrow bmibaby
Nice Nottingham/E.Mids bmibaby
Nice Leeds Jet2
Nice Manchester Jet2
Nice Southampton flybe
Nimes London Luton Ryanair
Nimes London Stansted Ryanair
Nimes Liverpool Ryanair
Nimes Nottingham/E.Mids Ryanair
Pau London Stansted Ryanair
Perpignan Birmingham Ryanair
Perpignan London Stansted Ryanair
Perpignan Birmingham flybe
Perpignan Southampton flybe
Poitiers London Stansted Ryanair
Poitiers Birmingham Ryanair
Reims London Luton Air Turquoise
Rennes Cardiff AirWales
Rennes Edinburgh flybe
Rennes Glasgow flybe
Rennes Manchester AirWales
Rennes Waterford AirWales
Rennes Southampton flybe
Rodez London Stansted Ryanair
Rouen Shoreham Euroexec
Santander/Bilbao London Stansted Ryanair
St Brieuc (Brittany) Newquay SkyBus
St Etienne London Stansted Ryanair
Strasbourg London Gatwick Air France
Toulon London Stansted Ryanair
Toulouse Birmingham flybe
Toulouse Bristol flybe
Toulouse Bristol easyJet
Toulouse London Gatwick easyJet
Toulouse Leeds/Bradford Jet2
Toulouse Manchester bmibaby
Tours London Stansted Ryanair

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