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Official Guide to the Most Beautiful Villages of France

The Official Guide

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Supermarket wine fairs in France

Every autumn the big French supermarket chains have their “Foire aux Vins” which is basically a big wine sale – the wine producing chateaux and estates sell off surplus stock at bargain prices (even big Bordeaux names). This allows the wine cellars to clear space to store and mature the new vintage which will be arriving by the end of September. It is possible to pick up some very good wines at keen prices. A word of warning – it is best to go prepared and to a) know what you are looking for and b) know your vintages as surpluses often arise from a poor vintage year.

Most supermarkets will produce a glossy leaflet detailing the wines, and some specialist wine magazines will also publish some reviews

The most comprehensive french guide to French Wines is the Guide Hachette Des Vins 2011

which is available from

Amongst the big names the wine fair dates for 2011 include:

Auchan :13 September – 1 October

Carrefour : 7 – 18 September (larger hypermarkets)

Carrefour market : 23- 9 October (smaller local supermarkets)

Géant : 6-17 September

E. Leclerc : 21 September – 2 October

Intermarché : 14-24 September

System U : 27 September – 8 October

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