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Official Guide to the Most Beautiful Villages of France

The Official Guide

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Quiet corners of Paris

quiet corners of paris coverAs a great fan of Paris, I’m always on the look-out for new suggestions to help discover the essential heart of the city – I tend to avoid the crowds of tourists and despite many visits to the city, there are still some top landmarks which I have yet to visit! It is a great city for walking, and that is what I find most interesting, especially in some of the less overtly glamorous parts of the city.
So I was delighted to find another guidebook which will inspire further discovery of the nooks and crannies of Paris – Quiet Corners of Paris: Unexpected Hideaways, Secret Courtyards, Hidden Gardens

“Yes, noisy, bustling Paris has its quiet corners, and this attractive book describes them in loving detail. Most of the places mentioned here are out of doors and open to the public. The places range from museum courtyards and royal gardens to 15th Century cloisters and tiny passageways to the back streets and lanes of the various neighborhoods. Some famous sites are here (Luxembourg Gardens) but so are unknown treasures such as the Irish Cultural Center, housed in a townhouse used by the Irish Catholic collegiate community since 1775, or Paris’ lesser-known islands. And few places are as quiet as the city’s evocative cemeteries.”
-The Chicago Tribune

Even if you can’t get there in the near future, it represents an interesting read which will doubtless set you planning your next trip.

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