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domain de lauroux wine from South West France
The Kitcheners at Domaine de Lauroux at Manciet (32 Gers, Midi-Pyrenees) pen a vineyard diary on their website at Having bought a vineyard a year or so back, they are making a good job of coming to terms with the demands of producing good wines in deepest France.
“12th June – I can’t believe it is June already and that less than a month ago I was complaining about the rain! The temperatures have now soared into the 30s and the vines are reacting to the moisture and warmth and are growing at an incredible rate. We have almost finished lifting the first set of wires which is fortunate as the wind is very strong. Today Sullivan and I started the first “rogneuse” of the season, cutting back some of the excess leaf growth – as soon as we’ve finished the rogneuse, the next few days will be taken up with spraying the vines.”
In an interesting move they are using the experience of an Australian wine maker for 12 months from Cullen Wines in Margaret River, Western Australia – a 28 ha vineyard certified organic by the Biological Farmers Association of Australia. The Australian’s are good at getting great intensity from their wines, so Domaine de Lauroux wines should demonstrate this with the 2006 harvest. But equally the Ozzie will have something to learn from wine making in a less consistent climate than most of Australia enjoys. This crossover of experience and approach is always beneficial and we look forward to the outcome.
Domaine de Lauroux wines are now available in the East Midlands at where they join an interesting and well-chosen list of wines in Nottingham and Derbyshire.

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