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ripening grapes in the Loire

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National Ferry Fortnight and balancing time/cost/carbon

National Ferry Fortnight 2017 logoThe Cross-Channel Ferry companies offer special deals during National Ferry Fortnight 6-20 May 2017 including:

But how do you decide what is most environmentally friendly and balance time and costs too?

There is something frustrating about the current regime which produces perverse results when trying to compare the various modes of transport from UK to France.

Flying is usually fastest – although not necessarily if  you consider city centre to city centre times. Price can be quite low (although remember the cost of extras e.g. getting to and parking at the airport, transfers at your destination etc. But environmentally flying is very costly.

The Train probably offers the best balance – most destinations in France are less than 10 hours away from London – environmentally sound, but can cost more than flying – although train travel in France and on Eurostar can be significantly cheaper than the exorbitant fares for UK rail travel.

Travelling by car  and ferry offers the greatest flexibility, but will take you longer, and depending on the number of passengers the cost financially and environmentally may be quite reasonable. However your journey does not have to start or end in a city centre.

There are clear advantages in cost and enviroment going by train.
Flying is better than expected – although I would add in the hassle factor of security checks and out of town arrivals.
The car does not come out too well, although of course you can reduce per person costs and carbon costs if you travel with 4 in the car!

London -Nice cost time tonnes per person
TRAIN £59.50 9 hours 0.020
CAR + FERRY £110.00 15 hours 0.125
FLY £71.00 5 hours 0.102

See the Carbon Footprint Calculator for you trip

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