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Grapes at Domaine Leduc-Frouin

Official Guide to the Most Beautiful Villages of France

The Official Guide

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Madiran is good for you!!

Thanks to Andrew over at I learn that Madiran is one of two wines which is rich in certain polyphenols which can protect your health.
Now I am a great fan of Madiran AC wines, but they can be a bit heavy and tannic for some tastes.It is certainly not a beginner’s wine and is undoubtedly better with food than by itsslf. Like other rich wines, it is also one that is worth spending some money on – probably £8.00 per bottle upwards – cheaper versions are likely to be a bit thin, or a bit too young.
The wine region itself is centred on the small village of Madiran (32 Gers, Midi-Pyrenees) and spreads over the adjacent undulating countryside of southern Gascony – north of Pau and the Pyrenees (see map)
Rainy winters and springs foster excellent growth, and the hot summers and warm, dry autumns are favorable for ripening the grapes. Madiran produces only red wines, and Tannat, whose name suggests its robust tannins, is its star variety. However, Cabernet Franc, and to a lesser extent Cabernet Sauvignon and Fer Servadou also play a role. Because of its tannic structure, Madiran wines must mature one year before qualifying for the AOC classification. They are robust solid reds, with strong aromas of black fruit and spices and toasty notes.

Good producers we can recommend include Domaine Berthoumieu, Chateau d’Aydie, Chateau Peyros, Chapelle l’Enclos

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