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Foie Gras under threat

foie grasIn the Telegraph (8 Feb 07) there is an article suggesting that foie gras (fattened duck or goose liver) may be under threat in the UK – on animal cruelty grounds. This seems a strange counterpoint to the current issues surrounding industrial mass poultry farming methods.Ducks and Geese are reared predominantly free range and on small farms, and the questionably cruel element – the “gavage” – the force feeding – only applies in the last 2 weeks of their lives and is something which needs skilled and sympathetic hands to hold and feed the bird.Some will claim this is unnatural, but the delicacy was discovered when it was found that geese naturally “stuffed” themelves to provide an energy store for migration.
The article does go on to suggest good ways to serve foie gras and restaurants to try it.
It is of course at its best eaten in South West France along with a good heavy red wine like Cahors or Madiran – although there is a school of thought that suggests a dessert wine like Pacherenc du Vic Bilh or Saussignac can be an ideal accompaniment.
In the UK you can order foie gras online – and by following this link to there is a 10% discount on foie gras and other french gourmet products.

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