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Changes to French Road Traffic laws

Warning triangleFrom 1 July 2008 you will need to carry both a warning triangle and a hi-viz jacket in your car in France – and in the event of a breakdown or accident you must also switch on your hazard warning flashers.

The warning triangle must be placed 30 metres back from the vehicle in the direction from which traffic is approaching.

Personally I have my doubts about the triangle, but the hi-viz vest is a useful small and light safety precaution which should ensure that you are seen in the dark or poor visibility.

(Both items can be purchased in the UK from

In other French road news, there are plans to change the style of French number plates from 2009, losing the last 2 numbers which indicate the departement of origin. This the cause of some protest in the French regions, and will be a blow to many British parents who will no longer be able to divert their child passengers on long journeys with the game of “where does that car come from?”

We have arranged with RAYMAC a special offer of a WARNING TRIANGLE + A HI-VISIBILITY VEST FOR JUST £9.99 PLUS VAT AND DELIVERY (usual price for the Warning Triangle alone is over £10) – CLICK HERE FOR THIS SPECIAL OFFER

UPDATE: Thanks to Albert, we have been able to clarify that the requirement for a warning triangle and hi-viz vest does not apply to motorcycles – and whilst stowing and carrying a warning triangle could be difficult for a motorcycle, a high viz vest might be a good idea – very lightweight and taking up little room, a vest would give you great visibility if you were to break down at night.

For more info (in French) see

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  • I have been reading the comments about warning triangles on bikes, at present the law covers the use of these devises in 4 wheeled vehicles where it is a compulsory requirement to be carried at all times. However and here is the interesting thing if you breakdown or have cause to stop on the highway you must put out a warning triangle regardless of vehicle type. I have been informed by some motorcycle suppliers that the French Police are pulling motorcyclists over when they come off the ferry and giving them a 86 Euro fine if not carrying a triangle.
    You can buy a fold up flexible triangle which can be stored in the smallest of space from or Tel: 00 44 1934 834200 FOR UNDER £20.00 SO WHY TAKE THE RISK TO YOURSELF AND YOUR BIKE.

  • graham

    i live and ride a moto in france and while i have never heard of anyone carrying triangles i have heard a lot of the local bikers talking of a new law that riders should carry a high viz vest and by law must wear it in adverse conditions such as rain and fog etc

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