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Grapes at Domaine Leduc-Frouin

Official Guide to the Most Beautiful Villages of France

The Official Guide

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Gers Flower Market

Bastide de Fources

The village of Fourcès (32 Gers, Occitanie) is a delightful ….

….more about Gers Flower Market

Burgundy History at Chateau Saint Fargeau

The Burgundy Chateau of Saint Fargeau (89 Yonne, BFC) is a proper medieval castle in ….

….more about Burgundy History at Chateau Saint Fargeau

Royal Saltworks

In 1982, the Royal Saltworks (Saline Royale) at Arc-et-Senans (25 Doubs, BCF) was included ….

….more about Royal Saltworks

Sens Cathedral Iluminations

The town of Sens (89 Yonne, Bourgogne-Franche-Comte) has a remarkable heritage, including the gothic Cathédrale ….

….more about Sens Cathedral Iluminations

Vauban’s impressive legacy

Watching the Tour de France last week, I noticed that one stage finished in the ….

….more about Vauban’s impressive legacy

Flower Market at Nerac

The town of Nérac (47 Lot-et-Garonne, Nouvelle Aquitaine) holds its annual Flower Market (marché ….

….more about Flower Market at Nerac

Rhododendron Festival!

The village of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire (45 Loiret, Centre Val-de-Loire) lies just to the east of Orléans ….

….more about Rhododendron Festival!

Normandy Garden Festival

A Plant fair at the Château de Crosville-sur-Douve (50 Manche, Normandie) – A Franco-British ‘Journées ….

….more about Normandy Garden Festival

New Lascaux Cave replica to open

On 15 December 2016, French President François Hollande will open a new replica of the ….

….more about New Lascaux Cave replica to open

New Côtes-du-Rhône wine Festival at Avignon

A Côtes-du-Rhône wine Festival is held in Avignon on 15 November 2018: Millévin marking the ….

….more about New Côtes-du-Rhône wine Festival at Avignon

Knife Festival at Nontron

In the Perigord there is a Knife Festival (Fete du Couteau) 3 – 4 August ….

….more about Knife Festival at Nontron

Theatre Festival – Bonaguil

At Bonaguil (47 Lot-et-Garonne, Nouvelle Aquitaine) 1-6 August 2019 there is a Theatre Festival (Festival ….

….more about Theatre Festival – Bonaguil

Le Corbusier architecture

The Site Le Corbusier (Le Corbusier architecture) is an international site of Modern Architecture at ….

….more about Le Corbusier architecture

Vienne Jazz Festival

The Vienne Jazz Festival takes place in Vienne (38 Isêre, ARA) 28 June – 13 ….

….more about Vienne Jazz Festival

New Bordeaux wine centre – La Cité du Vin

A new and dramatic venture is to open in Bordeaux (33 Gironde, ALPC) on 1 ….

….more about New Bordeaux wine centre – La Cité du Vin

Medieval Festival Chateau Ganne, La Pommeraye

As part of the celebrations for the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in ….

….more about Medieval Festival Chateau Ganne, La Pommeraye

Aquitaine Asparagus Festival

The Aquitaine Asparagus Festival takes place 27 – 28 April 2019 in the village of ….

….more about Aquitaine Asparagus Festival

Verdun Memorial reopens

The Verdun Memorial (Mémorial de Verdun) reopens to the public on 21 February 2016 after ….

….more about Verdun Memorial reopens

Blies Mill, Sarreguemines

The Moulin de la Blies (Blies Mill) is a museum in Sarreguemines (57 Moselle, Lorraine) ….

….more about Blies Mill, Sarreguemines

Brouage Fort – Charentes

The Fort of Brouage (La place forte de Brouage) was originally constructed by a local ….

….more about Brouage Fort – Charentes