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Grapes at Domaine Leduc-Frouin

Official Guide to the Most Beautiful Villages of France

The Official Guide

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Canard – French Duck Recipes

There is a sumptuous French foodie site over at Chocolate & Zucchini – fascinating recipes and lush photography make it irrestible. Following the theme of French Duck they have an interesting recipe for Duck Breast encrusted in Lavender flowers = Magret en Croute de Lavande. Informative too – e.g.”What is the difference between a duck fillet and a duck magret? Both refer to one half of a duck breast, but magrets come from a duck that’s been force-fed to make foie gras, whereas fillets come from regular ducks. Magrets are more flavorful, but fattier than fillets.” Plus advice on where to buy “unsprayed” lavender flowers in Paris. (in the UK you could try

Loudmouthed Gordon Ramsay also had a duck breast recipe on his F Word Show on Channel 4 – Gordon Ramsay’s Breast of duck with gooseberry sauce, spring greens and sautéed new potatoes – see – there’s even a video version of the recipe. But the recipe looks really good with the sharpness of the gooseberries cutting against the fattiness of the duck. Big problem though – as I would usually go for a sturdy Madiran or Cahors with Duck, but that does not feel right against the Gooseberries – maybe a good Chablis – will need to experiment me thinks!

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