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Fuel Prices in France

Fuel Prices sign in France

Fuel Prices sign in France

Calculating latest fuel prices in France depends both on the cost of petrol/diesel and the current exchange rate. Prices will tend to be cheaper at major hypermarkets, but some small supermarkets (even in rural locations) can offer keen prices. It will tend to be most expensive on branded oil company filling stations and on autoroute services.

Diesel is significantly cheaper than unleaded petrol in France. Many filling stations will offer 24/7 pumps – pay with card at all hours, and some only offer automated payment. Foreign cards are increasingly widely accepted – but beware as the pump will usually pre-authorise an amount (about €100), so ensure that you have plenty of leeway on the card.

Indicative prices based on a Calais Hypermarket and one of the best exchange rates available. You can verify the price of petrol in any French Département by visiting, which is an official French government website (in France) showing the lowest and highest prices for different grades of fuel for fuel prices in France. The following table represents the lowest prices available, you may have to pay more locally, so take it as an indication only –

Latest French Fuel prices as at 08 Aug 2017
based on an exchange rate of £1=€1.08 euros
super unleaded (98)(€1.33)£1.23GBP/litre
unleaded (95)(€1.30)£1.20GBP/litre
For latest exchange rate see

NB From 1 July 2017, Paris and some other major cities will impose bans on diesel-powered cars and vans based on the official Euro emissions ratings.Between 2018 and 2020, the city will gradually tighten circulation permits.

See for details of how the Vignette scheme works. Stickers (vignettes) will be available for foreigners to purchase from 1 February 2017. ALL VEHICLES WILL NEED TO DISPLAY AN OFFICIAL ECO-STICKER. Vehicles not displaying a vignette may be fined. To apply see See the latest advice from the RAC.

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